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Cupid Shuffle by RequiemStorm Cupid Shuffle :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 4 0 Mandy 013 by RequiemStorm Mandy 013 :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 7 4 Stay Close to Me by RequiemStorm Stay Close to Me :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 4 1
Pan, the Boy, and the Mystery of the G.S Ball
"There you are! Kami was looking for you earlier." Miki flitted over to the celebi that had just appeared from the greenish aura she used when she traveled through time.
"Where were you?"
Closer inspection revealed a mysterious item clutched tightly in Pan's arms.
"Reclaiming something of...mine. That's all."
Pan's eyes seemed focused on the ground, but Miki could easily tell that the grass legendary was looking well beyond that. Curious by nature, the victini tried her best to bite her tongue and drop the subject there since Pan didn't seem to want to talk about it.
"Yeah?" The fiery legend jolted at the sound of her name.
"Would you mind telling Kami that I will talk with her later? I'm a little tired. Time travel takes a lot out of me." Pan eked out.
The celebi had ceased floating, landing on the ground with wings and antenna drooped.
Pan started to slowly edge her way towards her "nest" to take a
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 0 3
Mahina Reference by RequiemStorm Mahina Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 10 13
Peaceful Outi...Oh who am I kidding. It's a date.
“Don’t tell me you are scared.”
The tone of his voice was dripping with mischievous delight as his ribbon extended to cover his mouth as if to stifle his laughter.
“No! No…it isn’t that.”
Noir had finally convinced Alice to see him again after Lindo had seen the two talking and forbidden her from interacting with him. He couldn’t say he blamed Lindo either. If someone had been hitting on his cute sister…wait. What was he talking about? He wasn’t hitting on Alice! No! He was merely inviting her to go explore the spooky lab that many had been speaking of as of late.
“I just don’t want Lindo to know I’ve been out trespassing with…” She trailed off as she caught a twinge of pain in the sylveon hybrid’s eyes.
“Oh come on Alice! Are you going to let Lindo control your life?” Noir quickly countered.
The two continued walking in an awkward silence until
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 0 0
Can't Think, Just Sing
“Ugh.” The amount of unamusement in his voice was spilling into his expression as his eyes gazed upon the silver furred pup in front of him.
“C’mon Kurama! You never do anything! Time to live a little.”
“This is a bother.”
Three pokemon all sat in a circle; a shiny growlithe with silver fur, and two shiny eevees that both had different colors. Kurama, the shiny eevee who had far more of an attitude, had begrudgingly joined the other two pokemon for a night on the town, but had grown bored of them as usual. However, when word reached them about an especially creepy lab that had been discovered in the woods, the trio had decided to check it out…with Kurama almost refusing that is. The two were at a standstill while Shasta continued to try and convince the moody and musically inclined eevee to continue with them.
“Whatever, just leave him Shasta.” Another voice chimed in. “Let him be a wet blanke
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 0 1
New Friends by RequiemStorm New Friends :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 8 9
Investigating or Dating?
A challenge! MeiFeng always did love a challenge, perhaps that was why she was doing what she was currently doing. She had overheard two of the newer pups on the ranch discussing their recent venture into the forbidden lab, when she grew excited. A forbidden lab? It sounded so intriguing that the double legendary hybrid was all but jumping at the chance. She had decided that she too would have to inspect this eerie place.
It was night now and there was hardly a soul around, save for the pokemon she had dragged along.
“Alright Harps, you think you can keep those flames of yours under control long enough for a stealth mission?”
The mew hybrid next to her gave her a raised eyebrow before giving her a nod.
“Excellent! Then here is the plan” MeiFeng began, “we are going to go in and see what this scientist has going on behind those closed doors.”
Harpy gave his new friend a nod. This much was obvious.
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 1 2
Battle for the Championship!
The clock struck noon and Mana’s hand grabbed her final pokeball from her belt. It had all come down to this, their final pokemon. All the other pokemon championship league had been defeated save for one and this was it. With a flick of her wrist, the pokeball spewed forth an electric energy that morphed into a familiar mythological hybrid.
“You ready MeiFeng?” Mana quizzed.
A confident smile greeted her question as the mew/raikou hybrid readied herself. The champion, not to be outdone, summoned forth her pokemon. A blinding light cleared, leaving in its wake a powerful legendary. The announcer stepped forward, raising their flag to announce the beginning of the round.
Ribbons vs. MeiFeng. This was it! MeiFeng had been training for a week after they had managed to defeat their previous opponent. The powerful suicune’s ruby eyes seemed to size her up, as MeiFeng’s trainer deliberated between which stra
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 0 1
Don't Get Caught
“It’s very…quiet.”
An involuntary shudder ran up the rock-type’s back only furthering the creepy atomosphere.
“I wouldn’t worry about it. That dragon eevee we see around the ranch went there and she’s perfectly fine!”
True. The eevee that the rockruff would often play with had ventured there once before as Alluvium regarded.
“Still, breaking and entering? What if Lindo or Sahara catch us?”
A sly smile appeared on the pattern mutant eevee next to her as he let out a barely audible chuckle.
“Then I guess we will have to do our best to not get caught!”
Alluvium and Ame pressed onward until they were at the clearing where the run down old lab existed. The walls were covered in moss and the ramshackled building hardly looked safe for scientific testing. However, many pokemon had gone there, encouraged by tales of exciting mutations not previously thought poss
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 0 1
The Bachelor/ette now with pokemon
So, While I have some canon couples on my ranch, and now have some new friendships, some of my pokemon could use some loving. I had wanted to do this around valentine's day, but I couldn't wait and decided to do it now. Here's the deal, the following pokemon you see will have their references linked and a cute little blurb about what they are looking for. If you would like to potentially pair yours with mine you will have the pokemon you are putting forth interact with them either in a drawing or in a story (I want to see how they interact). You don't have to just apply for a ship with only these pokemon either. I have plenty of pokemon and anyone that isn't in the set couples list or with a "will become canon" is up for a chance at romance ( Couples, Crushes, and Family ).
If your pokemon is selected you are guaranteed at least one breeding and one of the canon children (provided the pokemon
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 1 7
Luke Reference by RequiemStorm Luke Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 6 4 Miki Reference by RequiemStorm Miki Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 7 3
A job well done and a job just beginning
The mysterious cosmog seemed to settle away and so the legendaries met up once more. Sylvia was growing impatient with the amount of work lately and seemed to drag her feet as the group headed towards the familiar ranch. The thought of seeing her rival was not doing anything to aid the situation either. Speak of the Giratina.
“Ribbons! My it hasn’t been that long has it?”
The other suicune acknowledged her with a nod before headed back over to where she had set down. Sylvia grumbled slightly before joining the rest of the legendaries from her ranch at the spot where they had chosen to meet. She let her cerulean eyes wander around, looking at new and familiar faces.
To be honest, this was the first time she had come to this ranch, and there were a lot more pokemon here than she had imagined. She knew the ranch owner possessed a suicune, she had met her on her trip to Alola, but there were so many others! Another reshiram sat politely conversing wit
:iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 1 1
Mew Melody by RequiemStorm Mew Melody :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 9 6


Icon: RequiemStorm by ZombieMutt13 Icon: RequiemStorm :iconzombiemutt13:ZombieMutt13 10 4 Defiant by AxolotlGrin Defiant :iconaxolotlgrin:AxolotlGrin 4 5 Princess by Megatraven Princess :iconmegatraven:Megatraven 7 2 floof by x-Xanthia-Beats-x floof :iconx-xanthia-beats-x:x-Xanthia-Beats-x 7 0 PARPG Glacier by x-Xanthia-Beats-x PARPG Glacier :iconx-xanthia-beats-x:x-Xanthia-Beats-x 8 2 [KM] Art Dump - Random Character Challenge by tokithuy [KM] Art Dump - Random Character Challenge :icontokithuy:tokithuy 22 29 Monster Falls by Mistrel-Fox Monster Falls :iconmistrel-fox:Mistrel-Fox 2,339 160 AT - Meike by Jay-Kuro AT - Meike :iconjay-kuro:Jay-Kuro 62 0 -PARPG- Egg Hunt! by ToriMorningstar -PARPG- Egg Hunt! :icontorimorningstar:ToriMorningstar 2 2
PARPG - Riley and Aria - Snow Adrift
Riley looked at the small flakes of snow drifting all around her as she flew away from the ranch. She wanted to do some exploring, and the beautiful scenery around her called to her. She wanted to see the mountains a bit closer up with their snow covered peaks. She just couldn’t get enough of the cold, white crystalline pieces falling all around her. She flew faster and the snow fell into her eyes, almost blinding her. She just giggled. It was so much fun! The Reshiram hybrid started doing tricks in the air. She flipped around, doing barrel rolls all over. She lost control of her wings and began to descend. Riley didn’t have enough time to react before she plowed into a snow dune.
“Eep!” said the snow dune as Riley stood herself up.
“Oh..uh? WHAT?” Riley looked around, her eyes wide with shock.
The snow mound started to rise and straighten itself up. The mound was just a tad larger than Riley herself. The hybrid was getting ready to make haste away f
:iconnataliadriscol:NataliaDriscol 1 3
PARPG - Obsidian - Diamond Storm by NataliaDriscol PARPG - Obsidian - Diamond Storm :iconnataliadriscol:NataliaDriscol 7 6 Shinrai by konichu-kitsune Shinrai :iconkonichu-kitsune:konichu-kitsune 4 0 Little Lizards by spottedshine Little Lizards :iconspottedshine:spottedshine 4 5 Always Light by Libertades Always Light :iconlibertades:Libertades 111 37 Legends Contest - Hephaestus by AnnoyedClaude Legends Contest - Hephaestus :iconannoyedclaude:AnnoyedClaude 3 3 Lighter the Hybrid [Lv-7] by AnnoyedClaude Lighter the Hybrid [Lv-7] :iconannoyedclaude:AnnoyedClaude 3 2


:iconzombiemutt13: Simply lovely art! Commissioned her to make my icon and I was not disappointed. Besides her prices being more than reasonable, she is pleasant to work with and I adore her pixels. Give her a look!

:iconlou-lesque: Look at her art! Her lines are so soft and her style is adorable! She does commissions some times, so inquire about them. Can you believe she uses paint?

:iconsamurai-akita: I commissioned a plush from him a few years back and I absolutely adore it. Soji pays close attention to details and his plushes look like they could very well open their mouths and talk to you at any given point. He sews them all with such a personality that it captures your character wonderfully. His prices are reasonable as well for the sheer quality of his product.

:iconcyanidesaliva:/:iconafterxglow: Not only a wonderful person, but her stories and characters really draw you right in. She also draws on the sides, but she (being the humble thing she is) thinks her art is terrible. Show her she's wrong and take a look at her stories while you are at it. I personally recommend her Penumbra and Lies are Entertainment

So, I am thinking about commissioning a plush of one of my characters. Help me decide? 

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So here we are again

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 12, 2017, 9:40 AM

 Hello everyone! It's been awhile hasn't it. Six plus month have gone by and a few things have changed.
For starters, the insurance company FINALLY agreed to let me get the infusions of Remicaid I have been needing.
The medicine works wonders and I'm starting to exercise and do more things that I have been previously unable to.
The infusions themselves aren't too bad either. I sit hooked up to a machine for two and a half hours via IV, but hey
two and a half hours of uninterrupted silence is amazing!

Unfortunately, I turn 26 next year so I am scrambling around desperately to find a way to afford my medicine
with little success. I'm scared actually. I need this medicine to live, and if Medicaid gets cut...I'm in trouble.
On top of that, both my grandfathers are dying at the same time, so we've been having to think
about what this will mean. My dad's mom will be fine if my dad's father passes (as she has my aunt to take care of her),
but my mom's mom will have no one. Because of this, my mom will have to go to Oklahoma
for a very long time to sort things out.

We have been working to figure things out over on my end, and it will probably mean that I take care of the house.
That's not necessarily a bad thing, but it means that I will have to figure out how to divide my time between trying to get
full-time at work, helping my brother with college, and working at the house. Needless to say, if I disappear for awhile it
isn't because I don't like this place or am avoiding people.

A lesser piece of bad luck though is that my tablet broke. I'm going to see if I can purchase a new one, but
money is kind of tight for my right now, so I will be doing mostly sketches and traditional work unless I get one for my
birthday. Well, that ought to be enough rambling for another six months (ha ha). Hope you all have a great day!

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