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Pitfalls and Pairings
An hour had passed and there had been absolutely no sign at all of the astral nuisance.
“Luminescence, this is beginning to look like a waste of time.”
Sylvia gave a small irritated growl as she hobbled along the forest. While suicunes didn’t mind dry land, they weren’t all that accustomed to spending large amounts of time there. The roots from the trees and wood chips on the ground were uncomfortable to her sensitive paw pads, and she was growing impatient. Her comrade gave her a reassuring smile as she took the lead.
“Don’t worry Lady Sylvia! We can end our search for the day after we check the next location.”
Sylvia gave a tempered hiss as she trudged forward. This all seemed positively hopeless in her honest opinion. They hadn’t found so much as a single clue towards the pokemon’s whereabouts and the idea that they were supposed to find some sort of mysterious pokemon in a large forest like this was b
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Elite Four Lou-Lesque by RequiemStorm Elite Four Lou-Lesque :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 3 7
Proving your worth
The Sun was barely out and few stray rays found their way through the canopy covering of trees that a certain legendary had taken a small siesta under. It’s eyes fluttered open drearily as undeterminable sounds reached her ears.
“Good Morning Lady Sylvia!”
The unmistakable cherry sing-song voice finally broke through her sleepy haze.
“Mmm…Morning Luminescence.”
The vaporeon hybrid gave a smile as she pushed forward a giant leaf she had fashioned into a bowl and filled with water.
“We have a full schedule today My lady. Reports of strange entity causing mischief around the area have been flooding in and Vrai issued a warning to all the legendaries in the area to be on the lookout for an ‘astral being’.”
Vrai had sent the order out then huh? Well than, she thought to herself, this would certainly require her attention. Sylvia graciously accepted the refreshing beverage and used the remai
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Alluvium Reference by RequiemStorm Alluvium Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 5 13 Polaris Reference by RequiemStorm Polaris Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 6 8 Ignis Cor Reference by RequiemStorm Ignis Cor Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 7 3 Tsukyomi Reference by RequiemStorm Tsukyomi Reference :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 9 1
The Prankster Becomes the Prank
A scream permeated the otherwise silent woods as a mysterious figure darted from tree to tree. A chuckle followed the expression of distress as the one responsible for the scream perched himself on a tree branch. He could hear the individual cursing him out, but that only made the Cheshire grin on his face grow even larger. All-in-all a successful morning if the proud ghost hybrid had anything to say about it.
He decided to treat himself to some berries for his “exhausting” morning. The small nananb berry bush by his den was practically littered with them and he had been waiting patiently until they had ripened. Now was the time to harvest them. Perhaps he could even convince that Ayumi girl and her guard pokemon Lindo to make some sort of delicious dessert!
He had reached his hut, eager for the berries, but stopped short as a mysterious ghastly figure stood by an almost empty bush of berries.
“MY FRUIT!” Plagg screeched, dashing forward and placin
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Flowery Words and Legendary Meetings
He had finally escaped from the Reshiram that had been pursuing him for the last fifteen hours and the sun was reaching the middle of the sky; ten ‘o clock if memory served correctly. The small cosmog gave a yawn, tiredly using his astral appendages to rub his eyes.
“Darn, Legendaries are persistent.” he groused. He floated across an old Japanese styled bridge, giving a small gasp of awe as he was greeted by a giant garden. He hadn’t even realized where he was, but the flowers blooming around him were giving off a delightful floral scent. He perked up mildly as he continued deeper into the recesses of the garden choosing a large pergola to rest in for a moment.
He could have sworn he only closed his eyes for a moment, but he awoke to the sound of a couple of yanma buzzing by. The sun was much farther in the sky, clueing the ghostly ball of cosmic energy that some time had passed. While he chastised himself for being careless, something caught his a
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Elite Four Zakiax by RequiemStorm Elite Four Zakiax :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 7 3 Flowery Words and Legendary Greetings by RequiemStorm Flowery Words and Legendary Greetings :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 9 5 Catch Me If You Can by RequiemStorm Catch Me If You Can :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 10 1
A Legend's Responsibility
He wasn’t sure what he has expected. When word of a rampaging, mischievous pokemon had reached him he had expected something…different. Instead, what he found was a bouncing bundle of cosmic energy. Shooting from one area to another, he had been tracking the pokemon all morning and was growing tired of its antics. A cosmog. Rarely seen in this area had presented itself to the small Johto market.
Vrai spread his wings and lifted himself off the ground, flying quickly after the roguish pokemon. It finally stopped, munching on a Mago Berry, and giving Vrai the perfect opportunity to confront it.
“A legendary pokemon like yourself should not conduct yourself in such a manner.”
The cosmog barely acknowledged him as it took another bite of the stolen fruit. After a few moments of silence, it finally spoke up.
“Maybe I didn’t want to be a legendary.”
So it did speak. Wonderful. Maybe they could come to terms Vrai hop
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Eevees and Eggs
The warm sunshine was accompanied by a well placed murmur of delight. Three Pokemon, Angel’s Aura, Kurama, and Neo, were perusing the lush greenery that covered the foreign landscape. Both Tori and Ayumi had decided to visit their cousin in Sinnoh for Easter. The sights the past few days had been filled with colorful signs oozing of bright pastel colors while children talked about the Easter Bunnelby.  However, today was not quite as cheerful as the atmosphere claimed. Tori had been contacted by her friend, a pokemon ranger named Dante, informing her that a nefarious team had planned on robbing some pokemon eggs from the nearby daycare center. Before panic could set in, she was comforted as she received word that the eggs that had been stolen were for the Easter egg hunt that was set to occur later that day. Relief was short lived as Dante continued to explain the situation. While the pokemon eggs hadn’t been stolen, they had accidentally been the eggs to be hidden for
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Kurama Soul Searching by RequiemStorm Kurama Soul Searching :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 5 2 Solstice Searching by RequiemStorm Solstice Searching :iconrequiemstorm:RequiemStorm 3 2


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PARPG - Riley and Aria - Snow Adrift
Riley looked at the small flakes of snow drifting all around her as she flew away from the ranch. She wanted to do some exploring, and the beautiful scenery around her called to her. She wanted to see the mountains a bit closer up with their snow covered peaks. She just couldn’t get enough of the cold, white crystalline pieces falling all around her. She flew faster and the snow fell into her eyes, almost blinding her. She just giggled. It was so much fun! The Reshiram hybrid started doing tricks in the air. She flipped around, doing barrel rolls all over. She lost control of her wings and began to descend. Riley didn’t have enough time to react before she plowed into a snow dune.
“Eep!” said the snow dune as Riley stood herself up.
“Oh..uh? WHAT?” Riley looked around, her eyes wide with shock.
The snow mound started to rise and straighten itself up. The mound was just a tad larger than Riley herself. The hybrid was getting ready to make haste away f
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Christmas gift for :iconbatigerwolfox:
Comission and Christmas gift for :iconcyanidesaliva:

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Christmas of 2016

Fri Dec 16, 2016, 10:54 AM

Greetings my friends, watchers and random people simply passing through,

On this the eve of the 15th of December I decided to finally update my journal with some more personal stuff. As some of you may  know I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease about 4 years ago. Crohn's, for those of you who may not know, is an auto-immune disorder that is caused by an inflamation of the red blood cells and is located in the colon or large intestines. Symptoms primarily result in either abdominal pain or crippling arthritis. I have severe crohns which means I have all of that and some more. To put simply, my immune system is so good at healing itself that it likes to think that I am a threat. It causes a lot of problems and it is a pretty expensive disease (my meds used to cost 2,800 for the shots and I need them every other week. Thankfully I qualified for a savings card). Most people can send it into remission with proper dieting and exercise, but I am not that lucky.  I've had my ups and downs in life in regards to that, but at least I am better now than I was. I've had some internal bleeding lately which hasn't been the greatest, but that is probably due in part to my resistance to treatment. When I was first diagnosed with Crohn's my large intestines were the ones causing problems and I was able to take a medicine called Sulfasalizine to quell the raging inflamtion in my gut. However, the source of inflamation and the ulcers moved to my small intestines about a year ago and my abdomen began to really hurt. The medicine wasn't working to heal my gut anymore and, while it was helping to keep my arthritis symptoms in check, my gut was steadily getting worse.

They told me if I didn't do something about it that they would eventually have to remove some of my intestines and replace it with one of those bags to filter waste. My other options presently are thus; Humira ( a self-injected shot given in the abdomen or thigh), Remecaid ( a blood infusion given every 2 to six months) or chemo therapy. Given Chemo is a last resort and my insurance refuses to pay for Remecaid , that left me with Humira.

Now, I've dealt with needles my entire life so I didn't think it would be that bad. Boy was I wrong. It isn't the initial pin-prick that gets me either! It's the medicine as it enters your body, It burns so painfully that you cry. It has gotten so hard for me to inject myself.... I'm ashamed by how scared I am. I am ashamed at how long I sit in the bathroom staring at that auto-injector. I'm ashamed that I've been so afraid that I've actually skipped shots.... Yeah. Not good.

I can't be on my own either. I have to have supervision! A couple of weeks on my own here or there won't kill me, but I will be continuing to live with my parents for the time being, I feel incredibly guilty for all the help they've had to give me. I've completely drained them of their retirement funds too. I've picked up extra work along the way so I've been fairly busy between school and work.

However, I think it is finally time for me to close that chapter of my life. I will be 25 next year and between trying to work enough to provide at least some minor help to my parents, and having learning disabilities that make it difficult to take full time schooling, I think it is time for me to simply focus on work and my health. I'm always antsy when people ask about where I graduated from and what I am doing with my life, so this is somewhat of a difficult decision, but given that I no longer want to go for the degree I am studying and it would be at least another 8 years (Since I can't handle a full time load and school and health nonsense), I think it is is best to stay where I am and work my way up.

I am sorry to all my friends that I haven't spoken with in a long time. You are all incredibly precious to me and I do think about you all often<3

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